Elder's Choice Can Get You Licensed!

With our vast expertise in senior living operations, Elder's Choice has the resources to help you start your senior living facility from the ground up and stay successful!

Becoming licensed involves mounds of paperwork and potential frustration to no end. Allow us to take the burden off your shoulders by allowing us to connect you with our experts. With our years of experience, we'll help get you to the finished line in no time!

Our cumulative process involves more than just paperwork. We meet with you to discuss your specific plans, inspect the physical location of the facility and discuss various marketing solutions to help you achieve your desired goals.

Our premium service starts at only $1200.00 and includes:

One-Hour FREE initial consultation in person (includes visit to your physical site)*

On-going consultation via phone, email and text during the licensing process

Part A and B paperwork assistance**

Communication with your licensing analyst to ensure a smooth and accurate process

FREE paperwork revisions as required by your State Department

FREE EC CONNECT subscription for one year after licensure

*Additional on-site visits may incur extra consulting charges billed at $99/hour. On-site visits limited to certain geographical area. Clients outside of on-site visit limits will receive an extra $100 in EC Service Credits.
**Facility sketch assistance not included.

Let our experienced consultants work side by side with you!